Adame Dahmani
I’m a WordPress performance & ecosystem nerd 🤓

I’m a WordPress performance & ecosystem nerd 🤓

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Web performance

Making WordPress sites perform better

Website performance is a huge obsession of mine. 

Every client should receive a seamless and fast online experience. This can be achieved in two ways: 

The preventive approach: choosing the right tools to build an online presence and experience. 

The curative approach: fixing bottlenecks that can be fixed, and sometimes taking drastic measures to change whatever is impeding performance. 

In an effort to assist others and give back to the community, I wrote a guide on how to optimize WordPress performance.  

I also provide WordPress optimization as a service starting from €549 per website.  

Web Tools

Web tools for better productivity and business management

Running any type of business requires the use of tools.

Whether you are developing a website, automating tasks, or interacting with visitors, there is always a tool that can make your life easier.

I rely heavily on tools as a solo entrepreneur to get things done, free up time, and maintain my sanity.

The search for the right tool can be quite confusing. It takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge to vet a tool and make sure it will meet the budget and requirements. 

I spend considerable time looking for tools for my own business and for my customers. It will be a shame to keep it all for myself :)

I will share the apps and services I have used, tested, and researched in my tools library

If you still can’t figure out the right tool for your specific needs, make sure you stop by my tools advisory service ;)