About me

Hey! Adame here.

It’s great to meet you!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me😊

Quick presentation

I’m a 41-year-old web professional.

Happily married and blessed father of the smallest and cutest creatures/monsters on earth, Alae, and Eilaf

The little one has autism. ASD level 1, at the milder end of the spectrum.

Live and work from Beni Yakhlef, Morocco (GMT+1 or EST+5).

How I ended up here

After a few years of regular schooling curriculum, I got my degree in Marketing and Management in early 2000.

I could have had a quiet life behind a desk, running a sales/marketing department and getting the job done in those particular areas.

The risk was I could have bored myself to death… So, I skipped that multiverse and started looking for something more fulfilling.

My skills and what I do

After digging into my eventual career paths, I found myself at home dealing with web-related tasks.

Almost 20 years later, I became well-versed in multiple facets of running web properties.

My expertise covers the following areas:

  • Web design and development (WordPress-centric): ensure that my customers have functional, good-looking, and well-performing websites.
  • WordPress security: watch over web properties and fully protect them against threats.
  • WordPress performance: push websites’ performance to their functional-speed limit.
  • Web hosting: get the most performance for the money for my customers.
  • SEO: leverage ranking potential to increase traffic and conversions.
  • Funnel building: help customer design the right funnel to sell their products and services.
  • Membership websites: build low-cost platforms to sell restricted content, including paywalls, microtransactions, and gamification.
  • Tools integration: help customers get the most out of their business using automations, services, and productivity-oriented tools.
  • Consulting: crafting business-model-executing ecosystem based on WordPress, themes, plugins, custom development when needed, and web services.
  • Coaching: walk businesses and individuals through leveraging their websites to reach their goals (build traffic, enhance conversions, and user retention).
  • Community Answer Machine: back closed communities on web-related matters by answering their members/audience when needed.

Up to 18 years of experience back what is stated above.

Some of them are already packaged, and the others are per request:

I also try to give back to the community by answering questions on Quora and sharing the best & most honest money-making plans. Proudly ranked as a top-view author on most WordPress-related topics.

My customers appreciate my expertise, and that means the world to me.

Starting in 2020, I was hired by WP Media to become one of the support engineers for WP Rocket. I’m currently a Tier 2 :)

Part of what I do at WP Rocket is the following:

  • Helping customers fix performance and technical issues
  • Document, report, and fix bugs
  • Research new ways to improve WP Rocket’s features and web performance in general



I enjoy gaming 🎮

You will find me playing FIFA 23 Pro Clubs (PC) almost every day.

I’m a massive fan of Diablo III 😈

I also enjoy RPGs, strategy games, and open-world games.

My main username is dahmaniadame. Feel free to say high if we meet in a game 😉