Hey! Adame here.

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I’m a 39 years old web professional. A multi hat web sidekick to more accurate.

Happily married and blessed father of the smallest and cutest creatures on earth called Alae and Eilaf.

Live and work from Beni Yakhlef, Morocco (GMT+1 or EST+5).


After few years of regular schooling curriculum, I got my degree in Marketing and Management in early 2000.

I could have had a quiet life behind a desk, running a sales/marketing department and getting jobs done on those particular areas.

The risk was I could have bored myself to death... So, I skipped that multiverse and started looking for something more fulfilling.

My skills and what I do

After digging into eventual career path, I found myself at home when dealing with web-related task.

Almost 20 years later, I become well versed in multiple facets of running web properties.

My expertise covers the following areas:

  • Web design and development (WordPress-centric): ensure that my customers have a functional, good looking and well-performing websites.
  • WordPress security: watch over web properties and fully protect them against threats.
  • WordPress performance: push websites performance to their functional limit.
  • Web hosting: get the most performance for the money for my customers.
  • SEO: leverage ranking potential to increase traffic and conversions.
  • Funnel building: help customer design the right funnel to sell their products and services.
  • Membership websites: build low cost options to sell restricted content with no limits for number of users and full control over the platform (backed by WordPress).
  • CRM integration (when possible): keep customers where their belong and leave WordPress just as a communication channel.
  • Consulting: crafting business-model-executing ecosystem based on WordPress, themes, plugins, custom development when needed, and web services.
  • Coaching: walk businesses and individuals in how to leverage their websites to reach their goals (build traffic, enhance conversions, and user-retention).
  • Community Answer Machine: back closed communities on web-related matters by answering their members/audience when needed.

10 to 16 years experience back what is stated above.

Some of them are already packaged, the others are per request:

I also try to give back to the community by answering questions on Quora and share the best & most honest money-making plans. Proudly ranked as top view author on most WordPress-related topics.

My customers appreciate my expertise, and that means the world to me.


Everything I do is backed mostly with Open source software, starting with Linux as my do-it-all environment.

I usually develop under Nginx stacks pushed-to-the-limit (Nginx + PHP 7.x + MariaDB + Redis when needed). I'm also experimenting with LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed but not yet pushing them on production websites.

Some of my work

  • Guest Blogging List is a massive and highly curated list of websites accepting guest posting.
  • Nearest Host is all reputable hosting services locations mapped to help you find the right hosting service and location to serve better your audience.
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