Freelancer, coach, and trainer.

I’m a 37 years old professional web marketer, designer, and developer.

Happily married and blessed father of the smallest and cutest creature on earth called Alae.

Live and work from Casablanca, Morocco (EST+5).

I’m one of Quora’s top writer on the following subjects:


After few years of regular schooling curriculum, I got my degree in Marketing and Management on early 2000.

I could have had a quiet life behind a desk, running a sales/marketing department and getting jobs done on those particular areas. I’m pretty sure I would have been successful at it… let’s say that following others was never my thing.

I knew that life needed to be more challenging and making a living shouldn’t be dictated by socio-economic rules. At the same time, it’s not something that most people around me did understand at the time. But who cares about people? The most important thing for me is to be fulfilled and build my destiny with my rules, my way.


My skills

Today, I’m lucky enough to say I made my mark. My customers appreciate my expertise, and that means the world to me.

I a humble and proud expert in the following areas:

  • Website building, both web design, and web development.
  • WordPress as an ultimate tool for building things.
  • Web marketing, including SEO, SEM, SMM.
  • Web hosting, with excellent and yet cheap setups, to make your WordPress website fly.

As complimentary skills, I excel in:

  • Open source, Linux as a do-anything environment and pretty much anything on it, free or paid.

My workstation is a dual monitor DELL XPS. And I use Archlinux as primary environment operating system with:

  • Sublime text for coding
  • Gimp for photo editing
  • Inkscape for vector editing

I usually develop under Nginx as my web server with a pushed-to-the-limit development environment fueled with PHP 7, MariaDB and a lot of good things between them.

10 to 16 years experience back what I stated above.

I also try to give back to the community by answering questions on Quora and share the best & most honest money-making plans.


What I do

My primary activity is freelancing. I ensure that my customers have a functional, stunning and well-performing websites, social media page and advertising campaigns.

I also train and coach small businesses and individuals in web marketing and how to make money online (the honest way).

My dream

Yeah, I have one of those every single night. It’s to live and work from Finland or Japan! Either will do.

It’s one of my most wanted achievements, and I’ll make sure to get there with my family someday.

Other than that

I love soccer, gaming, and movies mainly.

I play a couple of football games per week.

For the gaming side, I don’t play as much as I would love too … I used to play more in the past, but I have too much on my plate for now.

I stopped gaming from July 2016. But I will get back to it, someday. I won’t probably play Fifa20 …

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