Can WordPress build any type of websites?

From a technical perspective, yes.

And virtually execute any kind of business model too.

WordPress has by far the most extensive themes and plugins line up.

You either have a one-stop deployment through a niche/specialty theme with native features and sometimes bundled with compatible or integrated plugins.

Or you can simply keep the theme to control the look and stack plugins to add as many features as you need.

And even if you can’t find a proper theme/plugins fitting your features needs, you can still develop your own using WordPress hooks and filters, WordPress REST API, or adding your own functions.

The question remains if WordPress is the right answer for what you are trying to achieve.

If you are running a store, for example, sometimes it makes better sense to use a SaaS like Shopify instead of running WooCommerce.

It will spare you the hassle of dealing with payment gateway integration and fraud, paying for a top hosting plan to run the store and optimizing performance, keeping updates/upgrades flowing, secure the store against hacking … etc.

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