How Many WordPress Plugins Are There? - Adame Dahmani

How Many WordPress Plugins Are There?

Probably way more than you think! WordPress has more than +58000 plugins so far. That’s one of WordPress’ key strengths. That huge number of plug and play feature you can get for free or for a fair price. Lots of plugins are served from the main directory, WordPress plugin directory. The rest is either distributed or sold by marketplaces, small business or individuals. Keep the following in mind while looking for plugins:
  • Quality varies depending on the developer’s skills.
  • Make sure that any free plugin is actively maintained before using it.
  • Paid plugins are most likely to be maintained, updated and upgraded periodically.
  • Paid plugins offer at least a 6 months supports.
  • If you need to invest in a paid plugin, always look for unlimited use and lifetime upgrades.
Here’s the full list of the most important plugins providers. TABLE GOES HERE