How to upgrade WordPress to a specific version?

Some will ask: Why will anyone need that?

  • Hosting environment conflict with a newer version of WordPress
  • Theme/plugins conflicts
  • Vulnerability on WordPress core still not patched

There are 3 ways to handle that.

Always make a backup before trying any of these options.

#1 By using WP Downgrade plugin

WP Downgrade helps lock upgrades and downgrades to a specific WP version.

Here is how you need to proceed:

  • Go to Settings > WP Downgrade settings page.
  • Set the WordPress target version (you can use the WordPress releases page to find the correct version number).
  • Hit Save Changes.

Now, WordPress’s core updating system will suggest you upgrade/downgrade to the specific version you did set on the previous step.

If no message shows up, you can go to Dashboard> Updates and proceed with the upgrade/downgrade.

#2 By using WP CLI

If your hosting service has WP CLI enabled or uses a VPS, you do the desired upgrade/downgrade using the command line.

Assuming WP CLI is already installed, to update or downgrade, use the following command:

wp core update --version=4.9.10 --force

Replace the version with your target version.

#3 By manually replace core files

This will require access to the website’s directory through FTP.

All you have to do is:

  • Download which version of WordPress you want to use from WordPress official releases page.
  • Unzip on your desktop.
  • Remove the following files and folders: wp-content, wp-config-sample.php.
  • Connect to your website through FTP and upload all the remaining files.

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