Is there still money developing WordPress plugins? - Adame Dahmani

Is there still money developing WordPress plugins?

Of course, there is. But the road to make good money out of a plugin is not the easiest. Plugin are more like small programs designed to fix specific problems. The following is a couple of points you need in order to succeed building and making good money out of a WordPress plugin.

You need to find the right problem to solve using a plugin

It doesn’t to be something original or never addressed before. But needs to have a market/demand for it.

You need to nail it

WordPress has more than 58k plugins out there in the wild. Competition is high and copycats are pretty fast to release replicas of interesting ideas and successful plugins. The plugin needs to be top notch to secure a good spot on the market. And make things hard for anyone trying to copy you. This means it needs to fix the problem, have an easy to use UX, preferably well documented and extensible (hooks and API). The more complete the plugin is, the better.

You need to market it the best way possible

Package it. Make it look and sound good. Put it on the right marketplace (if you choose to go that road). Or hit hard to build a name using ads and SEO. Like anything for sale on Internet, a WordPress plugin needs to convince its prospect that it really fixes the problem they are facing.