Which WordPress security tool will help me fully protect it?

WordPress security is crowded by several tools helping with security:

  • Firewalls (app-based or SaaS).
  • Scanning and monitoring tools or plugins.
  • Hacking cleanup tools or services.
  • Automated updates tools.
  • Backup tools.

All are claiming to keep your web property secure.

The truth is, none of them will single-handedly help secure your WordPress installation. 


Because each one of them will provide a granular security component. It will help lock one aspect of your web property’s security, but not all of them at once.

When you go for one option, you will have a false sense of security until you get hacked.

How to make sure that my website doesn’t get hacked?

Let a professional handle your security.

Professionals will provide:

  • Their own security strategy has proven to work well for WordPress.
  • Their mastery of using and mixing current best security measures and tools.
  • Their constant monitoring and hands-on check when something suspicious is coming your way.

While it doesn’t guarantee 100% for a website to not get hacked, it lessens considerably risks and increases the ability to mitigate new threats.

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