Why you should be careful using Reddit to promote your business? - Adame Dahmani

Why you should be careful using Reddit to promote your business?

Reddit is what we call a social news aggregation platform.
Users submit content, like posts, links, images, and videos, which are voted up and down by other members. – Wikipedia
With an average 330M active users per month, and 1.2M subreddits to date (community if you want), Reddit is definitely a venue to explore when promoting yourself or your business. But be careful :) Reddit can either make you an authority on your subject or ruin your reputation. Why? Because it’s the only platform with that many users and exposure that has “negative votes”. When using branded profiles, that can be a killer. Here is a couple of donts you should keep in mind when using Reddit:
  • Don’t spam
  • Don’t insult other members or pick up fights
  • Don’t troll
  • Don’t be racist, sexist, hateful
  • Don’t have unpopular opinions
  • Don’t leave unclear statements especially when some redditors find them offensive
  • Don’t comment solely to promote your business
  • Don’t complaint about downvotes
A couple of dos to complete the list:
  • Make sure your comments are on track and respond to the question/complete the subject
  • Add value and bring more information not yet covered by other comments
  • Add references when available from other sources than yourself
One last and important note: never hesitate to delete any participation receiving negative votes to control the damage :)