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WP AS Single Feature

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Getting to know better WordPress hosting and how you can get the most performance for your money

WordPress is probably the best, most flexible, and budget-friendly publishing platform out there. As I always say to my customers and friends, there is nothing you can’t do using WordPress.

Anyway. You probably landed here ’cause you are looking for a reliable hosting service for your new, or old, WordPress website. Or maybe for one of the following reasons:

  • You are discovering WordPress, and need to know what are your options to host it
  • You already have a hosting service, but it proved to be slow and lacks performance
  • Someone told you that at some point you need to upgrade your basic hosting service to something more powerful

And many other reasons. The most important thing is, you are here  And I will guide you through your WP hosting salvation.

Reasons behind this guides

For lots of good folks out there, your first go-to option is usually shared hosting. I went there myself when I needed to host my first website back in 2002.

I learned in this long experience that shared hosting is the worst you could get. I’m actually not sure why people are still using it in 2017.

This post is aiming to demystify this misconception about it (shared hosting), and give you a comprehensive options’ list to host any type of WordPress websites at any stage of their growth.

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