The most reliable and affordable hosting you could hope for is

Automattic is technically the company behind WordPress (even if they don’t say so), and they happen to provide WordPress as a service.

Getting your hosting from Automattic is like buying an Echo from Amazon, or a Pixel phone from Google. You get to experience WordPress to its fullest in term of performance, and the pricing is quite reasonable.

A note, though! is not the open source version of WordPress that you can fully control. Using means that you’ll have to comply with their limits.

Is it worth it? Let’s find out!

I’m Adame, an experienced WordPress freelancer, and I’m here to help you decide whether or not hosting your website at is worth it.


You create an account, eventually, link your custom domain, and pick a plan, and you are ready to go!

You don’t have to setup a server, install WordPress, secure it, or maintain it.


You picked hosting because:

  • Someone you know told you so
  • It seems beginners friendly and affordable

Again, this is not the open source version of WordPress.

Price range (/m)

  • Free
  • $2.99 (personal)
  • $8.25 (premium)
  • $24.92 (business)
  • $5000 (VIP)


Your website is hostedprotectedmanaged by Automattic. You are there to ‘use it’ for an affordable price.

You don’t deal with any installsecuringoptimizing your WordPress website. Everything is already been taken care of.


  • Affordable
  • Great performance


Extensibility is the main downfall of as an option to host your website.

They have set of theme (free and paid), and plugins (free) to be used with your website. But the thing is, you can’t bring your own theme or plugins and install them. You have to use it as it is.

Customization is minor. The furthest you can go on personalization is by playing with preset color schemes. And that’s it. You can use your own CSS, you can’t add JavaScript libraries or codes, you can’t add any shortcodes, or functions.


  • Limited themes selection
  • Limited plugins selection
  • Can’t be fully customized
  • Can’t use 3rd party themes or plugins

VIP PLAN has a pricey hosting plan designed for large content-driven companies called WordPress VIP.

It starts at $5000 (said to be for company blogs), and they charge $15000 as set up fee per site.

Other plans are even more expensive:

  • $10k per month
  • $25k per month

WordPress VIP service is the only way to ran the open source version of WordPress on their server. It means you can use any custom theme, plugins you want, as long as it’s reviewed by their team and approved.

They are pretty picky about who get’s to opt for this service, and have a set of requirements to be considered.

They require an in-house developer or high profile, partner to handle the development.

It’s probably the most expensive hosting plan you can find for WordPress. is a great option for beginners and less demanding businesses. I actually recommend it over shared hosting.

It’s the most reliable and secure hosting platform for WordPress available for an affordable price.

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