Let’s face it. WordPress is a great publishing tool, if not the best, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have much to be considered as a secure and hack-proof out the box.

Things got even worst since November 2016, where the world witnessed a massive spamming campaign (due to the US elections), followed by probably one of the biggest security flaws so far starting the REST API, and the massive defacing hack that hit 1.5M websites in 10 days.

It’s time to start getting concerned about the security of your WordPress web properties and make sure you’ve done at least what you could to stay safe and sound.

Now, security isn’t as easy as one would wish for. That’s what motivated me to write this series of guides, in a hope to provide the right information, point to the right doors to lock, and use the right tools for that.

I hope that what I share right here will help good folks to protect WP against any threat the right way.

It’s always better to prevent a hack than suffering to recover from it, right?

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