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Clearing up myths and theories and helping you use realistic SEO to rank better

Reasons behind this guides

SEO is a very shady field.

A lot of blackhat techniques are somehow still considered as “the right thing to do” when trying to climb the ranking ladder.

Unfortunately, these dark and unhealthy practices ALWAYS end up bringing bad news to their practitioners.

I deal with SEO on a daily basis for my customers. Most of them come after a very disappointing experience using the likes of Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Upwork and similar.

I work on recovering whatever is possible and rebuilt a healthier SEO strategy with the company’s budget and resources.

I don’t say that I’m an SEO wizard, alchemist, know-it-all and that kind of crap.

I’m just some guy playing by the book and avoiding any risky practice that could be sanctioned or paid dearly in a near future.

I will share here some intelligence about what I learn about what I love to call the Orthodox SEO practices.

The kind of SEO that could never go wrong :)

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