Freerange is another good free stock photos library you can use for your personal and commercial projects.

Quality isn’t the greatest, but it’s still a viable source of good pictures to have on your speed dial.

A couple of details about Freerange

Freerange is a unique concept on the market. They have their own in-house photographers on top of contributors.

It doesn’t, unfortunately, reflect on their library. We would expect a higher quality and a better count of pictures.

So far, they present more than 40k+ assets available for download and use free of charge. Most of them are amateurish but still usable.

The site has a decent categorization. The one that caught my attention is the Editorial and News safe category.

When hunting for free assets, we usually forget about some trademark rules when a brand or a company name is shown in these photos. It’s a very serious deal because you can be sued for using a trademarked material without the consent of its owners.

That’s what this particular category is good for. To stay away from any risky picture to use on your projects.

What I like the most is their revenues sharing system. If you are a contributor, they use your Google Adsense code to give you something back. It’s not much, but for the biggest contributors, it hits some serious passive money there. Way to go guys!

I hate how they push for commercial platforms like ShutterStock. I get that they need to monetize their site, but they could have been less aggressive about it.

Another annoying detail when using the platform is they force you to create an account to download any photo. So, besides ads, they get something valuable out of you to sell or market later (they always do at some point).

And it doesn’t stop there They still find it logical to nudge you to share the asset downloaded and leave a “feedback”.

It’s a bit too much


Noticeable categories

  • People photos
  • Landscape photos
  • Industry photos
  • Food photos



Who is this for?

I honestly never use Freerange unless I can’t find what I need on Pexels and Pixabay. I consider it more as the last resort to find a free photo to use.

I’m pretty sure that you will feel the same too after exploring the other alternatives.


  • Free to use without attribution
  • Can’t be used on printable materials (printed press, tees, merchandise)
  • Having a free account is mandatory to download an asset


Freerange has an API. But it’s unclear what is its condition or limits.

Having one usually open door for developers to integrate it with other tools.

Check out Freerange

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