Pexels is a well-organized photo-sharing platform packed with high-quality free to use stock photos.

It doesn’t have the largest library compared to Pixabay, but in term of quality, it’s one of the best free resources I’ve ever used so far.

A couple of details about Pexels

Pexels library holds 30k high quality and hand picked photos with a feeding speed of 3k+ per month. Yes, you’ve read it well. They hand picked photos!

Free photos websites usually focus on quantity and will let their community upload pretty much anything to inflate the stats. These guys are quite the opposite.

These guys are quite the opposite. I like that kind of commitment and this excellence philosophy, and that’s what really attracted to

I like that kind of commitment and this excellence-driven philosophy. You don’t provide crap to your audience, well, they will love you for it!

Pexels has a great organization to help you discover the right photo for you.

You can:

I particularly the color search. It’s the kind of features that you find only on commercial stock photos platforms. It’s really convenient to me to find photos fitting my customer’s sites color scheme for example.




Who is this for?

If you care about aesthetics, and feel like whatever you need to illustrate needs to be neat and looks great, then Pexels is perfectly fit for you.


  • Free to use without attribution


Pexels is growing more toward a quality free photos platforms than a simple photos sharing site.

They have some great and interesting integration that will make creative’s life a breeze. The following are the most notable:

  • WP Pexels is a WordPress plugins that can help you find photos to use on your pages and posts without leaving your editor
  • Pexels Photoshop Plugin helps you use the Pexels library from within Photoshop
  • MS Office Add-In lets you use Pexels on Word and Powerpoint

All of them are free to use!

Pexels has an API too!

So, if you are a developer, you can make a good use of their free pictures on your apps.

It’s limited to 200 requests per hour and 20k requests per month to avoid any service abuse.

Check out Pexels

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