WordPress Optimization

WordPress Optimization

Pushing your website’s speed to the most stable limit to help you with conversions, ranking, and user retention

Stuck with bad scores and performance for your WordPress website?

You couldn’t get things to improve after checking my WordPress speed up and optimization guide?

I’m happy to put my expertise on optimizing and speeding up WordPress at your service :)


Hi! I’m Adame :) I spent the last 20 years working on WordPress websites, and the last 2 years as a tier 2 support engineer at WP Rocket, the leading WordPress cache and performance plugin.

If you want to max out on speed and scores, you reached the right person for the task 😎

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nobody can give you a figure out of the blue.
I need to check the website and do a preliminary diagnosis to see what can be improved. I might have a broad idea about the speed gain by then, but it remains theoretical until all the optimizations are done safely.
My average loading speed after I do my thing is between 1s to 2s. I can usually push it to less than a 1s when the page can be served from cache. For dynamic content, it will be up to the server’s capacity to respond.
One thing is sure, though – you will get the maximum speed possible in your specific case.
7 days max. Or 3 days for a fast delivery (an additional 75€ is required).
I do provide add-ons to my WordPress optimization and speedup service, like:
– Optimizing the hosting server you use when applicable (requires SSH access to the server)
– Integrate a CDN (free or paid) to help deliver your assets faster
Using them is not mandatory but it helps get more speed and faster loading time.
It won’t impact the optimized pages and posts. Your new content might require optimization to speed up their individual pages. It’s not mandatory for a regular use-case scenario (blogging, building regular pages). Reach out to [email protected] if you need an ongoing optimization subscription. I can drop by a couple of times a week to check and speed up your new content and to make sure it loads at its fullest speed possible.
You will need to order the cleanup service.
Make the following information available:
– WordPress login/password
– Hosting service login/password
As much as I would love to hit the 100 score for all sites, it can’t unfortunately be guaranteed.
To get the site at least to the green side of the score is the ultimate goal.
Hitting the perfect score is a possibility under certain conditions.
And here is why.
Google PageSpeed Insight idealizes how performance should be.
The site’s HTML structure, CSS, JavaScript code, and the server performance should be perfectly aligned with their recommendations to give the best performance possible. And the only way to do that is by working on performance strategy and picking the right components while building the site.
Planning for performance will bring you closer to the perfect score, as any component picked will be performance-driven.
Performance “fixing” is another story :)
It has to deal with patching whatever performance flaw and bottlenecks exist on a site. And sometimes, the faulty component can’t be fixable.
The primary cause is how themes, plugins, and web services focus more on functionality rather than performance. That decision comes with extremely bad implementation and practices that will make it hard, or even impossible, to fix.
Here are a couple of example:
– The extensive use of complex layouts and CSS properties by themes and page builders, especially when it’s used above the fold.
– The long executing and demanding JavaScript, with a non-modular implementation, especially when they can’t be deferred or delayed.
In both examples, parsing, calculating the layout, or executing the script by the browser will be demanding, and unfortunately, it can’t be controlled once it fires.
It will take the computation and time it needs. And the longer it takes, the more negative impact will hit performance and scores.
For that reason, I can’t guarantee the performance score. But I will get you the closest possible to it.