WordPress Security

WordPress Security

Pushing your website’s speed to the most stable limit to help you with conversions, ranking, and user retention

Struggling to protect your website the right way?

Your WordPress website was hacked and you need it cleaned up?

I’m happy to put my expertise on WordPress security and hack recovery at your service :)


Hi! I’m Adame :) I spent the last 20 years working on WordPress websites, and protecting websites is a prominent part of what I do for my customers.

If you want to make your WordPress website a stronghold against hackers, you reached the right person for the task 😎

WordPress Protection & Cleanup Services

Frequently Asked Questions

The job will be started the same day as the order. In most cases, the cleanup is fully done the same day. But in some cases, it might require.
For the clean up part, no.
For deindexing infected pages from Google Search Results, there is an additional fee of 1 EUR per link.
The reason for the extra fee is that the processing if manual. And each URL should be found, and manually requested to be removed from Search Results.
You will need to order the cleanup service.
Make the following information available:
– WordPress login/password
– Hosting service login/password
It all depends on how you handle your security.
I give 3 months warranty if the same hack happens again. This includes a full cleanup free of charge followed by another 3 months warranty.
For hassle-free WordPress Security, subscribe to the WordPress Security+ monthly package (299 EUR/m) which includes ongoing protection and a state-of-the-art security setup.