WordPress SEO Service

Improve your SEO efforts, ranking search results, and natural targeted traffic by using safe - by the book - SEO optimization methods

WordPress SEO Audit

Know where your web property stands
per audit per website
Covered areas by the audit
  • Checking technical SEO
  • Ranked keywords
  • Backlinks
  • On-page SEO checking
  • Site speed
  • Mobile experience
  • Duplicate page/content
  • Broken links
  • Zombie pages
  • Report/actionable plan*
* Check the detailed note after this box.

WordPress SEO Campaign

Onging SEO to help you rank better
per month per website
6 months campaign
  • Website preparation
  • Fixing all SEO-related issues
  • On-site actions
  • Internal linking
  • Schema deployment
  • Linking strategy
  • Keywords targeting
  • Content strategy
  • Guest blogging hit list
  • Additional cost may apply*
* Check the detailed note after this box.

SEO Audit

The SEO Audit service gives you a snapshot of your current SEO state. You get a detailed report of what is done right and what is done wrong with your SEO, and a list of actionable items in order to fix or enhance some aspects of your SEO.

The service doesn't include the execution. An optional quote will be included with the audit report if you need me to handle the execution too.

SEO Campaign

The SEO campaign is a minimum of 6 months to help you with your SEO.

The monthly retainer will be determined after a preliminary audit, setting realistic goals, and exploring/planning ways to reach the them.

The preliminary step costs $2500.

Once the quote approved, the campaign will start with an upfront of 2 months of the agreed upon retainer. 

Minimum monthly retainer is $3000.

Glimpse of one of my campaigns results

Frequently Asked Questions

I've seen free audits here and there, and paying ones for for $10 - $50, why yours is more expensive?

SEO audits, and SEO work in general, requires detailed investigating, compiling, analysing, interpreting data, and the use of expensive web tools.

Free and low cost audits are generated from one-click auditing web tools, most of them are free.

You won't have enough depth to give you actionable fixes that will help your SEO progress. You will get generic recommendation mostly for on-page SEO. It's just one component of SEO ;)

Do you use or offer backlinks packs?

I play by the book.

Backlinks will need to be earned in a safe and healthy way, so you can keep the SEO efforts and investment for long-term.

PBNs, linkwheels, and other similar blackhat practices are long gone and are highly penalizing if used nowadays.

September 2019: Google just released the nexgen "nofollow" links attribute. It will be harder now to use old school link building techniques.

Do you take care of content building and guest posting outreach? 

Building quality content and publishing on 3rd party websites is a prominent part of any SEO effort. My initial quote doesn't include it and here is why. 

Some customers prefer to keep control over the content's format and tone and/or to cut costs. Others need to outsource the whole process.

My default service includes directing the content strategy that will help customers reach their goal. And provide a target list of niche-specific websites known to accept guest posts (I'm the one behind guestblogging.io, a 5k+ curated list of websites accepting guest posting organized into 27 niches).

I also offer content creation and outreach packs upon demand. 

Are results guaranteed? Can I rank first for any keyword of my choosing?

As much as I would love to say yes, I can't unfortunately guarantee it.

SEO depends on a lot of factors including the website's authority, the content quality and context, backlinks and the keyword difficulty to name a few.

A working strategy is starting with long-tail keywords first (relevant 3+ words keyphrases), and progressively extending the content thematic and articles network to target more difficult keywords, until we have enough strength to target harder ones.

I can make you ultimately rank first for any keyword if you agree on the costs related to building up for it. It's all about your goals and your budget to achieve them.

What I can almost guarantee on the other hand is a better SEO stature designed to last for long-term and a progressive traffic increase at the end of the 6 months campaign.

Under one condition though: that you consider and apply everything I ask for :)

SEO is time sensitive. Some actions might not make sense when I ask you to do them, but will be relevant and will make noticeable difference after a couple of months.

WordPress SEO Audit

Know where your web property stands
per audit per website

WordPress SEO Campaign

Onging SEO to help you rank better
per month per website
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