Need to get more organic traffic for your web property? I can help you build a solid SEO, traffic grabbing machine


All SEO collaborations start with a thorough audit of your current SEO state and go from there. 

Right after that, we can discuss what needs to be fixed and what can be improved, and what SEO strategy will fit your goals. 


A couple of facts about Search engines:

  • Search Engines sport more than 6 Billion searches per day 
  • Google leads the charts with +90% of the market share
  • The first page gets the most Click Through Rate (around 87% total)
  • The first 3 results have the most Click Through Rate (around 60% total)
  • The average conversion rate of Organic Traffic is ~ 15% vs. ~ 3% for PPC

Obviously, ranking on search engines, and Google, more particularly, is just a must-do. 

The good thing about Search Engine is they provide you users with search intent and believing in the accuracy of search results. 

So, for the Search Engine user, results ranking first is considered as the right answer to their needs, and are more likely to trust and use it. 

The search intent gives more chances to see an action resulting from visiting a website ranked on search results. Of course, there’s a bit a convincing that needs to be worked and engineered in the landing or result page side, but the most critical component is the “intent” is there and it’s for us to take.

The best part about SEO is, once you hit the charts, you are likely to stay there for a long time with little maintenance. 

But you need to claim that traffic generating spot first by doing things right. 


The auditing part handles different aspects of SEO that cover in-page, off-page, and a couple of additional components that may influence SEO results.

The report will include:

  •  Your current SEO state (search engine performance and data/metrics worth knowing and following)
  • List of actions that need to be taken either to fix problems or to improve performance

The SEO audit takes at least 15 days.

Please note that this is not software-generated report and recommendations.

My auditing process uses expensive SaaS services to get accurate data about some key metrics related to SEO, followed by an analysis of this data, and a tailored actionable plan based on the current best practices to improve the current SEO state.

My ongoing SEO work rate starts at $2500 per month and per website. The final monthly retainer will depend on what will be covered.

The minimum campaign is 6 months.

The overall SEO performance improvement starts usually showing from the 6th month and forward.

The keyword-based performance will depend on the keyword difficulty and what actions we’ll be able to do to improve the ranking.

Easy keywords and longtail usually kick off in a 3-month time frame while difficult keywords and keyphrases may take more than 6 – 9 months to get a spot on the first page.


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I’m keen to help you get more and better oganic traffic ;) 

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