Puzzled about how WordPress can help you make your project happen? Or your current website better? I can help you figure things out!


I will give your best options in term of themeplugins3rd party services (when applicable) and hosting, to suit your specific needs.

PS.: doesn’t include execution.


WordPress is by far the most versatile and flexible publishing platform ever made.

You can literally build any kind of website or apply most know business models either by using a theme, a set of plugins, or relying on 3rd party services integration, or even develop a solution for your specific needs.

Picking the right assets is critical to the success of any WordPress project:

  • Get the wrong theme, you will face a lot of restrictions in design or layout flexibility
  • Get the wrong plugin, you might lose time enforce its functionalities to fit your needs without succeeding at the end
  • Get the wrong hosting, and you’ll face lots of site performance issues when the traffic increases with time, and probably get stick with low-end service for a long time

Figuring this kind of details needs lots of experience and a full knowledge of the WordPress ecosystem.

My job is to provide you with the closest WordPress-based solution for your needs. And eventually pointing you in the right direction when WordPress isn’t the best option to what you are looking for.


The service includes:

  • Discussing your project’s options
  • Finding the right theme and plugins to fit your needs
  • Extending to 3rd party services when applicable
  • Advising about hosting requirements when applicable

The service doesn’t include:

  • Project execution


Quickly describe your project
It doesn't have to thourough or technical.
Do you have already have a live website?
Provide your website URL
What's you current hosting service/plan?
You can name it and eventually leave a direct link to your hosting plan.

I’m keen to give you the right combination to get started quickly with your WordPress-backed project

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