Your WordPress site speed isn’t the best? I can help! Let me optimize your WordPress site and get you the most out of it.


I will optimize your website for speed as much as possible with your current theme/plugins/hosting environment.


  • Full WordPress speed up
  • Smart optimization depending on your hosting service, theme, and plugins set
  • Media files edgy compression
  • Any type of website supported (blogs, corporate website, e-commerce)
  • Hosting service optimization (addon)
  • CDN integration (addon)
  • Bugs free guarantee *


Hosting Service Optimization

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS, VDS
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated servers

CDN setup

  • Cloudflare setup (free CDN)
  • AWS CloudFront free tier activation (free CDN for 1 year / 2M requests / 50Gb data transfer)
  • Any paid CDN setup (you need to pay the monthly charge for your favorite paid CDN service)

* No bugs caused by the optimization guaranteed.


How much speed gain can I expect?

Nobody can give you a figure out of the blue I need to check the website, do a

I need to check the website, do a preliminary diagnosis to see what can be improved. I might have a broad idea about the speed gain by then, but it remains theoretical until all the optimizations are done safely.

My average loading speed after I do my job is between 1s to 2s. I can usually push it > 1s when the environment and the page size is right.

One thing is sure, though: you will get the maximum speed possible on your specific case.

How long does it take?

7 days max. Or 3 days for a fast delivery (an additional $75 is required).

Is there any additional costs?

I do provide add-ons to my WordPress optimization and speedup service, like:

  • Optimizing the hosting service you use (when applicable)
  • Integrate a CDN (free or paid) to help deliver your assets faster

Using them is not mandatory but it helps get more speed and faster loading time.

Will my speed decrease later?

The only possible scenario where you can experience that is when your web server underperforms for any given reason. This is beyond my reach Unless you are hosting on one of my private servers.

Expect to see that on shared hosting or OpenVZ VPS environment.

Stop by my WordPress hosting extended guides to learn more about your options to host WordPress, including their pros and cons, and my recommendations.

I update my website regularly. Will it impact the optimizations once done?

It won’t impact the optimized pages and posts.

Your new content might require optimization to speed up their individual pages. It’s not mandatory for a regular use-case scenario (blogging, building regular pages).

I provide an ongoing optimization subscription if you need me to check and speed up your new content, to make sure it loads at its fullest speed possible.

It costs $20 per month, paid by trimesters ($60 for a 3-month monitoring plan).

What will you need to get started?

You will need to order the cleanup service.

Make the following information available:

  • WordPress login/password.
  • Hosting service login/password.
Will I get the perfect mark on Google PageSpeed Insight and Pingdom Tools?

There will be a score increase, but I don’t guarantee that.

Google Pagespeed Insight and Pingdom score website using a theoretical formula that can’t be done in real-world, unless you build a custom theme respecting it, or use a score-friendly theme, like Jupiter, or anything where authors guarantee vanity scores and fit your needs.

An example is deferring scripts. If it’s not done by the theme author from the get-go, any attempt of forcing it will risk breaking the website.

Another example is compression and optimizing pictures. Scores are built for maximum compress that deteriorates the pictures visual quality. A wiser choice is to optimize picture to their maximum lossless-quality. We can’t make a picture look pixelated just for the sake of a score.

On another level, it’s pointless to work on vanity scores as they don’t add any value to the website.


Website URL and accesses
How many posts/pages/products do you have?
Part of the optimization process is to remove unnecessary resources from pages when not in use,
Hosting optimization
I can see if there is room to optimize the hosting service if applicable.
CDN setup
CDNs help deliver resources in a faster and more efficient way.
Anything you need me to know before starting the process.
One website per order. If you have multiple websites to protect, please make one order per website.

I’m keen to give you the right combination to get started quickly with your WordPress-backed project

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