So, you can’t figure out how to protect your website the right way? I can help! Let me setup my own crafted WP security protocol for you.


Professional WordPress security protocol to make your WP site a stronghold against Malware InjectionsDefacements, Backdoors, Pharma Hacks, Phishing Files, and Malicious Redirects.



  • Hassle-free WordPress protection
  • An extensive protection against known threats
  • A quick and active protection against large-scale hacking campaigns
  • A quick fix against WordPress 0-day vulnerabilities
  • 3-month close monitoring and proactive protection of your website with a human eye

EXTENDED PROTECTION (an additional cost applies)

  • Benefit from Wordfence Premium features including their humongous IPs blacklist, 2-factor authentication, country block, and the automated fix deployment on critical 0-day and large-scale hacking campaigns (Wordfence Premium required)
  • A scheduled and reliable backup system (All-in-One WP Migration required)


In case you don’t want to invest on the paid additional plugins, a free fallback will be done using the free counterparts of the plugin paired with custom functions.

Using the paid plugins gives better protection, and I always advise opting for them.


Is there any additional charges?

Yes, there is. The $199 is strictly related to the service part of my security protocol.

The following charges apply for each additional plugin picked to be incorporated into the security protocol:

  • Wordfence Premium features only without access to their support ($99 per year per website)
  • All-in-One WP Migration cloud hosting extension ($79 one-time fee)

If you don’t judge using the premium or paid versions necessary, I will fall back to the free versions, with less protective features, but they are still good enough to keep your safe from most threats.

Premium/paid plugins vs. the free ones

There’s no mystery about that

Paid assets tend to be feature-rich and more efficient on what they do. And that is felt even more on security matters.

For example, the premium version of Wordfence is a huge step ahead to help fight 0-day vulnerabilities. Wordfence is usually one of the first to detect new threats, and the fastest mover to act to protect premium users first and at a lesser priority, or never, for the free customers.

Another big asset, on Wordfence again, is their large IPs blacklist. It cuts risks drastically, especially for building up large-scale attacks.

Free tools are great but in a limited way. But it’s still better to have something helping protect WP than having nothing at all

How long does it take?

24h for the initial setup.


What do you need to get started?

You will need to order the security service.

Make the following information available:

  • WordPress login/password.
  • Hosting service login/password.
  • Answer a couple of questions to help me understand how you use your website.
What if I get hacked afterwards?

I guarantee that you don’t get hit by the same thing for 3 months. During that period, I will:

  • Protect your website within the security setup limits (the one using paid plugins is a stronghold compared to the one based on free plugins)
  • Closely monitor your website
  • Fix any security breach
  • Fully clean up your website if it gets hacked

If you need a better and longer protection, opt for my Full Year Ultimate Security Plan ($349 paid annually), where I ensure the website’s security for one-year full protection and hack recovery hassle-free.

How often I monitor the website

I have a couple of monitoring strategies set up to make sure each website gets the right attention at the right time:

  • Punctual monitoring, where I check the website 2 times a week
  • Random monitoring, where I can check the website on random occurrences whenever it pops up on my randomized-checks schedule
  • Suspicious notifications trigger, where I check things out when something unusual is reported by Wordfence
  • When a new threat surfaces, and that makes me rush to apply all the necessary preventive fixes to keep websites on my watch immune against it

Security is a serious matter. Don’t take any chances, and make sure your website is fully locked up the right way.


Website URL and accesses
Additional plugins
Anything you need me to know before starting the process.
One website per order. If you have multiple websites to protect, please make one order per website.

Concentrate on what you do best, and let me handle your website’s security for you. I got your back

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