So, your WordPress website has been hacked? I can help! Let me get things back to normal for you in less than 24h.


Professional WordPress hacking cleanup and recovery from Malware InjectionsDefacementsBackdoorsPharma HacksPhishing Files, and Malicious Redirects. Includes a minimal-security setup.


  • A fast turnaround (within hours up 24h in most cases)
  • Recover your website accesses if needed
  • A full and thorough cleanup, malicious scripts removal, compromised files fixing
  • A breach sealing and a minimal security applied
  • Basic reputation recovery by submitting review requests for search engines
  • 30 days grace period, where the website is closely monitored and protected against any hacking attempt


How does the process go?
  • Set up a branded maintenance page to prevent anyone using the website while it’s still hacked.
  • Make a full back for the website.
  • Diagnose the situation.
  • Proceed with the cleanup.
  • Locate and fix the source of the breach.
  • Update and upgrade WordPress, the main theme, and any used plugin to their latest versions. If you are using paid assets, you need to make the most recent version of each one of them available. It might require an additional cost depending on the complexity.
  • Run a full vulnerabilities scan and fix them.
  • Once I’m sure everything is clean, I make a second clean backup.
  • Submit a review request to Google and Bing.

In some rare cases, the cleanup will need to be done outside your production servers.

You will be notified if it does apply to your situation, as an additional cost might apply.

How long does it take?

The cleanup is scheduled at the earliest convenience. It’s first-in, first-server.

My regular turnaround is 12h to 24h after confirming the order.


  • More time might be needed for severe infections and aggressive hacks. You will be notified in these particular cases.
  • In case I’m overbooked, I will either stop taking new orders or slightly extend the delivery period. In all cases, cleanups are always done within the 36h/72h max.

You will be notified in both cases.

What do you need to get started?

You will need to order the cleanup service.

Make the following information available:

  • WordPress login/password.
  • Hosting service login/password.
  • Share any useful information about the hacking. Like:
    • How did you know you’ve been hacked?
    • When did you start to experience unusual behaviors (hacking signs)?
What if I get hacked afterwards?

With my hack recovery service, the website is cleaned up, the source of the initial breach is fully sealed, and I leave the website with a minimum security setup. I guarantee that you don’t get hit by the same thing for 1 month.

If you need better protection, checkup my Full WordPress Protection Pack ($199 + plugins), where I apply a more extensive security protocol, the setup is guaranteed three months or my Full Year Ultimate Security Plan ($349 paid annually), where I ensure the website’s security for one-year full protection and hack recovery hassle-free.

Security is a serious matter. Don’t take any chances, and make sure your website is fully locked up the right way.


Website URL and accesses
Additional plugins
Please share any useful information about the hacking. Like:
- How did you know you’ve been hacked?
- When did you start to experience unusual behaviors (hacking signs)?
Or anything you feel accurate and we should know about before processing your order.
One website per order. If you have multiple websites to protect, please make one order per website.

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