WordPress Security Services

WordPress Security Services

Need a dependable WordPress security service? Done by a human? You are on the right place

Reasons to pick me

Will it be for my own web properties or my customers, I always do what is required to stay out of trouble. Nothing less, nothing more.

There’s no room for doubts in my way to handle security.

I always go for the most comprehensive WordPress security possible for the budget, the server environment, and the limits of the business model used.

Lot’s of large web sites depend on me, and a couple of them are mine So, I don’t have much of choice but keep my knowledge sharp around WordPress security matters.

I keep an eye open to news ways to secure WordPress, be the first to know if a new threat lurks in the shadows, and take my practices and security levels to the top.

I’m known for building solutions around WordPress and part of it is checking and testing any plugin/service related to WordPress.

Security isn’t different from any feature that can be added to WordPress, correctly used, and extended when needed.

As you may know by now, if you did your research about WordPress security, there are tons of ways to secure it. But picking the right mix, using it properly, and getting the most out of it is the real challenge.

Most of the service services providers will try to automate WP’s protection. Well, that’s not a smart move

Hacking evolves at an alarming speed. Trusting an automation to keep a website secure is definitely the wrong thing to do. Shared hosting services are a real world proof of automation failure.

They have tons of scripts spying on websites, but they NEVER notice the hacking until it’s too late!

80% of my hacking recovery service use shared hosting. And all of these hosting services have “security” as one of their hosting plan features.

You need to have a human checking regularly the website and fortify, fix, patch, whatever needs to be on the fly.

And I’m really proud of it.

Been securing WordPress website for five years now. And so far, I have zero hacked site under my watch for both my security packs:

  • After using my WordPress Hacking Recovery/Fixing Service, within the 1-month monitoring period
  • The basic WordPress Security Service, within the 3-month monitoring period
  • The advanced WordPress Ultimate Security Service, within the 6-month monitoring period

WordPress Security Services details

I cover all critical aspect in WordPress security. Depending on the type of service you select, I can:

  • Strengthen web property’s overall security
  • Make sure they don’t fall to easy hacking methods and automated attacks
  • Quickly immune the setup when a new large-scale hacking is reported
  • Face ongoing attacks the right way
  • Recover from any hacking
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